About George

George has been involved in the entertainment industry since last century. He has worked in television, theatre & film. He finds the greatest pleasure though in  travelling  around Australia and various parts of the world playing music and making art.

36 thoughts on “About George

  1. Dear Mr. Washingmachine,

    I was recently speaking with Parissa Bouas and she suggested that I get in contact with you. As I am in the process off establishing a music agency (Stellavox Entertainment) I am looking for fab musicians like yourself and was wondering therefore if you might be interested in joining us? I am also hoping to film and record Parissa at some stage – possibly around March 20 – so if you are interested perhaps you guys could do something together? I also have another recording day planned for March 29 at studio 301 in Alexandria and you would be more than welcome to come along and put down a few tracks – this will not cost you anything.
    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail and I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards,


  2. Great!

    We will come and film and record the March 20 gig provided the venue gives us the all clear.

    And I will book you in for March 29 also and let you know the time once I have organised the schedule.

    Thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting you and working with you.

    Kind regards,


  3. George,

    John Hancock from “The Ferryman” at Davistown (Central Coast NSW) here….. we are hoping to contact you and perhaps get you to perform/officiate at our “semi-renovation” completion on Saturday 10th May 2014 if suitable.

    Would love to hear from you at a time convenient – Mobile: 0418 223301.

    Kind Regards,
    John Hancock

  4. Hey George! We played together at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2003. (I was the 17 year old from America playing piano, with my dad on bass.) I have never forgotten the fun it was playing with you, and I happened to hear you were playing Tauranga Jazz Fest. I’m here looking out for you and would love to reintroduce myself if you’ve got time before Monday! If not, I’ll say hey at the show…Looking forward to seeing you play!

    Cheers my friend,

    Dave Hull

    1. G’day David. Looking forward to catch up. We’re on Waiheke at the moment. Driving from Auckland to Tauranga on Monday. Not sure how much time we’ll have but yes. See you there. Chiz G

  5. Hi George, I have been a long time fan of yours, as I have seen you play with Julie O’Hara and own a few CDs of you two.
    Just wondering if you give jazz violin lessons?
    I have played in a Gypsy Jazz band before and would love to further my knowledge of the style and techniqeus etc
    Let me know jf this would be something you’re into. I’m in Melbourne.

  6. Hi George Feel like doing a live phone interview on 92.7 BBFM Community Radio this afternoon on the SLAM (Shoalhaven Live Arts & Music show) to promote your Milton Gig this weekend? We could do either a 445pm or 510pm timelsot. Please respond to email attached!

  7. Hello George. How are you?Hope all good at your end.I got your recommendation from Mr.Silvan zingg. I have a small project for which we need live swing violin parts to be recorded though to be very honest with you,we dont have a very big budget. BUT i’ll be paying you from my pocket bcauz i think it would be great working with you..It is my interest to get live musicians record on this track.Its basically a 1 minute boogie woogie song which we have arranged for which we need some violin parts to be recorded.Hope you can help me out with this.Also,PLEASE let me know how much would be your charges towards recording this 1 minute boogie.Also,the deadline given to us is too short.So please let me know as soon as you can. Im REALLY hoping to work with you my friend. waiting for your reply God bless

  8. George….The King of Country, sometime in the 1980’s, you were great then, times haven’t changed!

  9. hello Mr. George, I’ve been trying to find your version of Nature Boy on the net but I am finding it difficult with my search. I have your String Band CD with silver cover but it’w in a storage in Melb. Is there any other way of finding this song sung by you?

  10. Hi George

    I am interested in booking your band for my wedding. Can you please email me about this.


  11. Dear George
    Looking forward meeting you again in Ascona. It’s timne to be back at the Festival JazzAscona. Your old mate Chris from Switzerland

  12. Hi
    This is Noreen the fiddle player from the UK – we met lots of times at Le Quecumbar & The Crooked Billet. We now own a music venue on the River in Oxford, UK and would be up for booking in a date on your European tour this year if you have a free date. You may still have my mobile but if you email me I can forward it again.

      1. Hi George
        I noticed you have a European tour penciled in for the Summer – let me know if you are hitting the UK at all and I will try and book a date for you to play here in Oxford

  13. i found it george..”_” meet where they play the Blues””_”_………..yeeeehaaa fUCIN STOKED.SORRY BUT I LOVE THIS SONG N THE WAY YOU SING IT(BUT I SING IT BETTER).can u please record a newer version,,,just for me. ..(i’ll invite u to my 50th if i make it…)
    You Sing it better than everyone on utube n in the world.Amazing,wish I could have shared this beautiful music with me MUM.LOVE YA MUM (HELEN RAY)> MUHHHHH
    Thanks Mate.

  14. Saw you and Clare and the boys at Albury Wodonga Jazz club night last month and it was fab! So loving your Cuban sessions CD – heaven on stick! You guys do a wild and loving thing with the fun and music you make! I cant get enough and would like to buy some more Cds off you please. Especially keen on the latin stuff if there is any more where that came from!
    Now a question you might be able to help me with please: My mum is 77 and has played a full size accordion all her life. We are now thinking of getting her a wheely walker, not for her, but so she can use it as a trolley to transport her instrument! She won’t admit that its too heavy of her now that she’s had both shoulders repaired, and a recent injury. But now her mates can’t carry it either! I want to surprise her with a lovely medium sized one, like Clare plays and I would like to ask Clare for recommendations please for a good instrument, and where to source it. Thanks for passing this on to Clare.

  15. Hi George,
    It’s Jacki here from Kookaburra Antiques in Hobart, thanks so much for the CD you left for me, I absolutely loved it and it will go on rotation for the shop music ( yes, we do pay our APRA fees). I hope to catch you when you are in Hobart next, I would love to see you performing live. I didn’t know who you were when we were chatting about Western swing, I have seen you perform along time ago before we left Sydney in 1988 with Mick and Jim Conway at one of the big hotels on Christmas Day and at the Three Weeds…good music then, good music now, thanks for keeping it up.
    Jacki Kennedy

  16. Hello George, did you perform on the amazing kids tapes ‘Fossil rock and other prehistoric hits’ and ‘Filbert the dinosaur’ in the 80s? They are both keystones of my childhood. I can remember nearly every song word for word but sadly don’t have the tapes anymore. Do you know where the recordings might still be available? I’d love to introduce the next generation to them!

  17. Hi George, you don’t know me but my name is Waverley Vercoe and I feel that we are related well through my great granduncle Joe Washington. I am related to him through his sister Kathleen. I’ve always been interested in history and I couldn’t believe that I had a musician in the family as I’ve always enjoyed music and felt so connected to it. I was actually heavily involved in music when I was at school. anyway, what I wanted to ask if I may is do you remember much about Joe and if so what? I would love to know more about his character, I actually have a biography about him that I found and I’ve enjoyed reading it and getting to know him a bit better, but I always feel its great to hear first hand from someone who knew him.

    1. G’Day Waverley. Well I certainly share Joe’s sir name. The last time we caught up probably 30yrs ago, I dragged him around a bunch of jazz clubs here in Sydney. We had a great time. Would love to read the biography. Cheers

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